What settings are best for night vision?

Night Glow
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There are three settings in the Night Glow menu that you can use with Night Scene:
        ♦ Greyscale – adjusts the Viewfinder to shades of grey and enables you to take photos or videos when there is no artificial light and little natural light. This can be helpful in hunting scenarios.
        ♦ Green – since the human eye is more sensitive to green light, this setting removes the distraction that can occur with colors.
        ♦ Night Color – adjusts the Viewfinder to color during night scenarios. This setting can be beneficial when docking a boat at night.
Experiment with each of these settings in Night Scene to see which one works best for your scenario.
To change the Night Glow settings: 
  1. Turn the Scene Ring to Night.
  2. Turn the camera on by rotating the Settings Dial to Photo, Video, or Loop Mode.
  3. Long press the SET button to access the menu.
  4. Toggle down to Night Glow and right to the options.
  5. Select the option that best suits your scene and press SET and SET again to exit.
    scene ring 

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