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AR Mode (augmented reality)

AR MODE (Not available for Aurora Sport or Black.)

AR Mode enables overlay features like waypoints and team members on your Aurora camera. Using AR Mode requires the use of your mobile hotspot. Mobile hotspot can generally be found under Settings on iPhones and Settings/WiFi on Android devices.

Installing the App

ar app screen AR 1 

AR 2 AR 3

- Download and install the "SiOnyx Aurora AR" app.

- Connect to your camera, install firmware (if instructed to do so), and then turn your camera off.

- In the App, go to Settings and tap Sionyx Cloud. Log in or create an account.

- Create Username and Password and tap Sign up.

- A one-time password will be sent to your email; enter it and tap Confirm Account.

- Tap Done and sign in with your Username and Password.

Connect to Camera

AR 4 AR 5 AR 6

- Make sure WiFi on your mobile device is on and then open the App.

- Turn on your camera and turn the mode dial to Wifi/Settings.

- Tap the camera in the list that matches the SSID in the camera viewfinder.

- The camera will connect and the WiFi icon will be highlighted in green.

- Tap on the WiFi icon and choose "Enable AR".

- Enter the hotspot name and password for your mobile device and tap Configure.

- Turn off your camera.

- Go to settings on your mobile device and turn on Hotspot.

AR 7 AR 8 AR 9

- Turn on the camera and turn the mode dial to WiFi/Settings and return to the App.

- The camera should connect and appear highlighted in the camera list.

- Tap on the highlighted WiFi icon; and then tap "Start AR".

- You should now be connected in AR mode.

Creating Teams and Inviting Members

AR 11 AR 12 AR 13

- Go to the Settings menu.

- Tap SiOnyx Cloud and log in.

- Tap Manage Profile and then tap Create Team.

AR 14 AR 15 AR 16

- Create a Team name and tap OK.

- Tap the Team name to invite members to join.

- Type the Member name and tap Invite.

AR 17 AR 18 AR 19

                                                              AR 20

- You will receive a notification when the member accepts the invite.

Creating and viewing Waypoints

AR 21  AR 22 AR 23 

- While in AR mode tap Settings.

- Tap the map pointer icon to the right of "Show waypoints".

- Tap the red button to create a Waypoint.

AR 27   AR 28  AR 29

- Type the Waypoint name and tap OK.

- The Waypoint will be displayed in the Waypoint list.

- A small yellow triangle with the Waypoint name, and distance to it, will now appear in the EVF or in Live View.

Compass settings, in degrees, are also visible.

AR 30 

AR 31


AR 32


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