The Battery

The Aurora battery is an SX-50 Lithium-ion battery, also known as an NP-50, standard photo battery.

CLICK HERE to view a video about charging the battery.

   -Insert the battery into its slot.
   -Plug the included cable into the micro USB port. (To access the USB port, pull out the rubber flap under the Settings dial.)
   -It takes about two hours to fully charge the battery. The camera needs to be turned OFF to charge the battery.
   -Using WiFi will discharge your battery more rapidly.

A fully charged battery is generally good for about two hours of continuous video recording.

battery insert

Varieties of NP-50 batteries can be found on Amazon. For an example: CLICK HERE.
(SiOnyx does not manufacture, sell, or support the NP-50 battery on Amazon referred to above. Please use responsibly and at your own risk.)
Remaining Battery Level

IconBattery level 
full battery 1Full: 100% to 80% 
3-4 battery 13/4: 80% to 50%  *note that this is the minimum level required to execute firmware upgrade. USB connection is recommended for power backup. 
2_4 battery 12/4: 50% to 20% 
1_4 battery 1Low (1/4): 20% to Power down 
power down battery 1Power down 

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