Nightwave - electrical installation best-practices

Summary: Add an electrical switch in line with the camera.

The Nightwave requires a clean, stable source of DC voltage. When running from the hardwired power cable this is 12 volts (nominal). The Nightwave camera will pull a maximum of 2.5 Watts (~210 mA at 12V) but steady-state power requirements are significantly lower than this.

Clean, stable DC power means the line voltage should ideally be free of voltage drops and high frequency noise - which can be common when batteries are charging, or as other electrical loads come on-line after a master switch is thrown.
Therefore, we recommend installing a switch in series with the Nightwave and (supplied) 2A fuse. 

The addition of a switch will enable you to start up the vessel and other marine electronics, and a few seconds later, turn on the Nightwave after your vessel’s DC line voltage has stabilized. As well as isolating the Nightwave from start-up noise, this switch will also enable you to reboot the camera if required.

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