SIONYX Nightwave - mobile app controls & flipping the video

After you have connected to your Nightwave through the mobile app (connection instructions here)

You will see a live video screen on your mobile device. Pressing this screen will bring up a number of controls, the functions of which are indicated below:

You can stop the live video display through the app using this bottom left button. Video will continue to be shown on your Multifunction Display (MFD) - if connected.

To flip the video image (e.g. if your Nightwave is mounted in a ball-down configuration)

  • Press the Menu button to see this sub menu:

  • Press Settings to see the slider for manual exposure, and the tab for the Settings sub-menu:

  • Pressing the Settings tab, brings up these controls:

We recommend you keep the Status LED slider set to ON and the Day / Night mode slider set to AUTO.

The USB / Wi-Fi mode slider is active when the Nightwave is running from 5V USB power.

Use the vertical flip control to flip the image vertically (e.g. if your Nightwave is mounted in a ball-down configuration). You will see this take effect immediately on your mobile device and MFD (if connected). 

After flipping the image, be sure to check that port & starboard are displayed on the correct sides of the screen, if necessary use the horizontal flip control to mirror the video.
These settings will remain even after the Nightwave has been turned off.

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