Aurora Series Mobile App Guide

Mobile App for Aurora (iOS and Android)
The mobile app will allow you to take remote control of your camera from your smart device. 
This guide covers the Aurora, Aurora Sport, Black, and Aurora PRO. 

Mobile App screens will vary between iOS and Android.
Download and Install the App
Connecting your Smart Device to Aurora
Controlling the Camera
Transfer Images and Videos to Your Mobile Device (and your PC)
Share Images and Videos

Install the App
Search the Google Play or the Apple Store for SIONYX Aurora
Tap Get/Install and Open after the app installs.

Turn Wi-Fi on by rotating the Settings Dial to the WiFi/Settings position to view the Settings menu.
wifi settings dial (2)

Use the toggle buttons surrounding SET to navigate the menu to WiFi and right to On, and SET to select.
top view toggle buttons highlighted (3)

wifi menu
NOTE: WiFi is now on and will remain on until you turn it off.
 waiting for wifi

Start your Mobile Device in Airplane Mode
NOTE: Your device's Bluetooth signal can cause issues with the app connection.
Start your iOS or Android device in Airplane Mode 


Open the SIONYX Aurora app, select your language and tap OK.

language list and OK2

On the Wi-Fi Connection screen tap your camera in the list and then tap Continue.
camera list with a tap2   
If firmware is available for your camera, the app will display it here. 

Tap Update, OK, and then restart your camera. 

Your camera will need a microSD card installed for the update to take place.
firmware update tap

firmware complete2

The app will connect to your camera and display the Media Center screen.
media center1
The Mobile app is now ready to control your camera.
Controlling the Camera from the App
Tap the LIVE icon.
The app is now in Live View and will start in Photo Mode.
live view start 3
Switch modes by tapping the icons below.
numbered buttons
Photo Mode (1) - Capture still images.
Video Mode (2) - Record live video.
Loop Mode (3) - Capture 30 seconds of video activated by a trigger. 
NOTE: The trigger can either be the shutter button or a shock to the camera such as rifle recoil.

Photo Mode
The Photo Mode icons are numbered and labeled below.
photo mode icons numbered
(1)Burst Rate (2)Self Timer (3)Compass (4)Zoom (5)Exposure  (6)HDR (7)Shutter Speed 
Drag the slider to adjust the Zoom level.
slider zoom
Press the red Shutter button to capture a photo.
shutter button2
Tap the Shutter Speed icon and then tap the shutter speed that best suits your scene.
shutter 2
NOTE: Shutter speed describes how fast the shutter opens and closes. A fast speed will stop motion and let in less light, and a slow speed will let in more light.
Tap the +/- Exposure Compensation icon to access settings and tap the Exposure best suited for your scene. [HDR Off/On is to the right of Exposure Compensation.]

     exp comp 
NOTE: Adjusting exposure compensation allows you to brighten or darken a scene. A positive setting will increase brightness, and a negative setting decreases it.

Burst Rate
Tap the Burst Rate icon to access the fps settings to capture several images in succession.
burst mode 3 
Self Timer
The Self Timer sets a delay between a shutter press and image capture. 
Press the Self Timer icon to access the delay settings and tap the setting that best suits your scene.

      timer 12

Image Settings

The camera image settings will be visible on the Live screen when Camera Mode is selected. 
The Night Glow icon will appear when the Scene Ring on the camera is set to Night
Switch between full color, green, and monochrome by tapping the Night Glow icon.
Video Mode
The Video Mode interface icons are numbered and labeled below.
video controls
(1) Time Left to record | (2) EIS | (3) Video Resolution | (4) Video Rate [Compass | Zoom  | Exposure Compensation | HDR (see Photo Mode above)]

Press the red Shutter button to start and stop recording video.
      video button1
Tap the Video Rate button to access the FPS. Select the frames per second that best suits your scene.

NOTE: The higher the FPS, the smoother the video. 
A lower FPS will improve sensitivity in low-light scenes.

Loop Mode
The Loop Mode allows you to record short clips based on a trigger or shutter and the icons are numbered and labeled below. To initiate a Loop Mode session, tap the Trigger Mode and Trigger Type to best suit your scene. Then tap the Shutter Button or wait for an incident to trigger the camera.
⇒ Before - 25 seconds prior | Middle - 15 seconds prior, 15 seconds post | After - 30 seconds post
Transfer Images and Videos from Aurora to your Mobile Device
The Media Center screen will display image thumbnails. Tap the photo(s) and/or video(s) you would like to import from Aurora to the app.
   media center picture selected
The selected item will appear in full-screen view.
   full frame
To select multiple items:
Long press an item in the Media Center.
The thumbnail of the item will dim and a one (1) will appear.
Tap on another thumbnail and the next sequential number will appear indicating the total number of items selected.
Tap again to deselect.
   media center multiple selected
Tap the Import button after selecting image(s) and video(s). 
The Import button will be beneath the full-screen preview if you selected a single item or multiple.
   multiple selected and import button
The selected files will begin importing.
Once the files have been imported, you can delete them from Aurora.
Choose Yes to delete or No to save.
To view the imported files, tap In Device at the top of the screen.
To export images to your smart device, long press any item until a (1) appears.
Tap any additional item to select it as well and then tap the Export button.
  tap and export
The exported file(s) will now be visible in your mobile device's photo gallery.
  gallery image with border
Transfer Images and Videos to your PC from Aurora
Connect Aurora to your computer with the included USB cable.
 usb cable
Open File Manager to view Aurora as a storage device and drag photos and videos directly to your PC.

 PC file manager
Share Images and Videos from the Aurora App
Open the Mobile app and tap your wireless network (not your camera) and then tap Continue.
    camera and network list selected
Tap the photo(s) and video(s) in the Media Center you want to share and then tap the Share icon.
    share selected
Your device will display the sharing options.
    facebook selected

    create a post

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